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Dear tracy,

I can see why you would wonder if my post was approving or disapproving.  :)  I reread your post a few times, wanted to respond, and wanted to be sure I was as clear as possible.

It's so easy to misinterpret an internet communication.  We don't have facial expressions, tone of voice, body language going on between us that can clarify meaning and intent.

I've been in those high waiting rooms with moms ( some dads), watching the gymnasts work out below.

Everybody is there from dutiful chauffeurs driving their children from one event to another and waiting it out with or without interest in the goings on, moms who are doing homework on their laptops, moms who are working either on their laptop or phone, moms who are talking to each other and have been for years as their children grow up in the same gymnastic classes and moms who are glued to every movement of their child, speaking outloud to themselves about errors or improvements and taking notes, moms who are bragging, moms who are in intense conversations about teachers, training programs and the next step all the while voicing confidence or fear about their child's qualifications. And more.

What I'm saying to you is that as long as you focus on recovery and keep your mind and wits about your and keep the cost/benefit ratio for your child based on who she is in mind, you'll be okay.  There's a lot of pressure there to pull a parent or a child onto a track that might not be best.  But if you know that and can deal with it, then you can make the right decisions as choices present themselves along the way.

It's not about approving or disapproving.  Gymnastics is a beautiful sport. Girls love it. It's a glorious feeling to tumble, fly through the air, twirl around on bars, leap and roll.  It's joyous plus so much fun to find out what your body can do.  And it helps a young girl in other aspects of her life because she develops coordination, grace, strength, self confidence and a sense of joy and determination when starting something new.

It is about how you live through the experience.  Sounds like you are considering the aspects you need to be considering now.

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