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Thank you for your response.  I want to be clear that it is understood that this is her decision.  If she decides tomorrow that she wants to quit, I will have no problem with her decision. I'm not forcing her to do this. She LOVES gymnastics.  It's been a natural progression of her abilities that she is a level 3 gymnast at 6. 

she's gifted, sure. But I know it's almost impossible for her to reach the elite level.  So many girls, so little space. I have never lived through my children. I want them to do what they choose to do - pursue their dreams - without interference from me beyond what's unsafe or impractical. 

BeliEve me. I have spent much time mulling over this. I have support groups in my network of moms whose kids are in the gym  as often as mine. I see firsthand the moms that do not think of their daughters welfare first. I see the tears and the unhappiness in the faces of some of her team mates that don't enjoy the sport like my daughter does. 

I'm still reading through what you wrote, not knowing if its disapproval or what.  I am working on my recovery. My head is very clear these days. And I know that you would never push your influence on me anyway. 

I truly think and feel that my daughter is ok.  I watch her like a hawk to keep my eye on any issues she would have that would make this a negative or dangerous experience for her.  I am making sure this something she wants, not what anyone else tells her to want. 

Unfortunately, it's a sport that demands hard work at an early age.

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