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Dear Tracy and Shh, My office is in a pleasant tree lined residential neighborhood. Sometimes, at the close of a therapy appointment I can see that my client is in an altered state, foggy and ungrounded. Often she is unaware of this because such a state is familiar to her. Before she leaves my office I ask her to walk around the block until she feels solid on her feet and more clear in her mind. I have a stone bench in the front of my office, sheltered a bit by plants. It overlooks a garden and the sidewalk. I may also suggest that my client sit on that sheltered bench for a while before she walks around the block. Sitting on stone, feeling the solidity of it, being in partial seclusion while breathing and feeling the garden around her, helps ground her. Therapeutically, she learns to recognize her altered states and care for herself. She learns she can restore her awareness - both mentally and physically. Practically, she makes herself safe to drive. :) Do these suggestions resonate with you?

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