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Dear Tracy and Laura, In the above list the last three items should really be first. When you are overloaded with stress, when your mind isn't working the way you know it can, when your emotions are haywire, when you can't bring yourself to the tasks you need to accomplish, stop looking for explanations, reasons, in depth understanding, etc. You can't get there is such a state. What's needed is to pull yourself back on a healthy path. That means, without thinking, judgment, rationalization or excuses, go to: eat when hungry drink when thirsty sleep when tired Once you are physically nourished, hydrated and rested you will be amazed at the improvement in your thinking and emotional stability. This is a particular challenge for people with an eating disorder. Funny, isn't it? So much focus on the body while simultaneously neglecting what the body needs for health and survival. Eat, drink, sleep and then look to the deep inner work. Let me know what happens when you do. :) Joanna

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