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If you suffer from an eating disorder now or have in the past, please email Joanna for a free telephone consultation.



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Dear Melanie, As I understand Feng Shui, it's all about balance. e.g. if you want to bring more wealth into your life it may not be that you need to address the "wealth area" in your home except to bring it in balance with everything else. The Feng Shui point for health, as I was told, is the center of your home. You do nothing for it. When all is in balance the center is terrific. When imbalance pervades, the center, i.e. your health, suffers. The paper clutter faces most of us. It's all about dealing with stuff as soon as possible, filing, and being creative about where you keep things as well as being as clear as a weeding gardener in thinning out what you have. It's an ongoing challenge. P.S. I don't like the idea of your waiting for life in your home to die. I have a friend who returns fish to her aquarium store when they get too big for her tank. Can't you find some creative and benign way of dealing with your fish?

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