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Dear Lori and Shh, These endorsements move my heart so much I'm close to tears. When I wrote Healing Your Hungry Heart I enclosed myself (in my mind) in a private dialogue with the women I know and have heard from in various way for decades - women asking for help in recovering from eating disorders. I wrote the truth of my experience as I understand it. I answered questions I didn't have answers to in the past but have learned over time in doing recovery work with dedicated women intent on being well. Now that this private material is out of my hands it's amazing and moving to hear praise and gratitude from colleagues I so respect. And, by giving me their endorsements, they help me rally my strength and courage for the coming challenge of being more public as I become spokesperson to bring attention to HHH so the launch goes well. Yes, Lori, Mayra Hornbacher's books are wonderful. I'm glad you've read them. I'm glad you will be exploring the other authors as well. Gathered together to support each other we all help women recover. The giving creates a healing momentum! :)

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