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Dear Joanna, Wow. There is so much in this. I have been working with a therapist for almost 2 years...trying to get my head around some of the issues that you write about that caused 30 years of eating disorders. It is so slow. I've tried therapy before...but just found a therapist that sounds a lot like you...he is gentle and kind. It's been slow, but I've made more progress than in the past. I can totally understand not wanting to get close to that inner child...and find it even harder if I think about it as being good for me...or as being kind to me. I've had some things surface when prompted to just sit with it and see what comes up. For example, I kept having these feelings of needing to wipe off my face and arms...when I considered it further with my therapist, I had these memories of hiding in the basement under the stairs and having spiderwebs all over me. It was hard...but it was also releasing. I've been reading your book (I bought one for my therapist, too!) and trying to follow the exercises and stuff. But I'm finding it all so hard. My house is chaotic (4 kids) and I seem to always feel anxious. I am thankful for your book. I love how you write to us...with a compassion that comes only from knowing. ~Amy

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