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Dear Jan, Just to make the photo and the inspiration it inspires even more wonderful, did you read the *acknowledgement and reference? *Lhotse as seen from the climb up to Chhukung Ri. Taken by Jamie O'Shaughnessy October 4, 2003. Jamie O'Shaughnessy, a real person, took the photo himself while he was mountain climbing. This shows in such a dramatic way how we can affect others we'll never know in ways we'll never know by following our authentic desire. Of course, I don't know for sure, but I don't think Jamie, in 2003, had a clue that he was taking a photo that would inspire you, Jan, in 2012. I think this is an example of the awe and wonder of human connection and our power to influence and support each other's well being by following our authentic heart's desire. I applaud you for working on being loyal to your personal heart's desire, Jan.

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