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Dear PTC,

Maybe this is the time for you to tell her how and why she and the work you do together is so important to you.   Maybe it's time to make some committment changes or realignment changes or some kind of change that moves your work together in a different and more meaningful way.

If you are at an impasse - if anyone is at a impasse with a person or an activity - the answer is not to go back a few steps and repeat what you've been doing so you wind up at the impase again.

The answer, or the hope of an answer, is in looking clearly at what you cannot do, i.e. the impasse and how, perhaps, you've been here for a long time or amny times.  Then you explore different alternatives. 

This involves real honesty with yourself and the other person or people involved.  This involves strength and courage bec

PTC, please look inside yourself for your personal goals and set your intetion to get there.  Share that with your therapist and offer her an opening so you can discuss new possibilities. It's possible to get through an impasse, but not if we keep using the same method that doesn't work.

If she fires you, your therapy with her is over.  If you both can work out a new approach, your old therapy style is over and something new begins.

I do hope with all my heart that you will be open with her.  The fact that you don't want therapy to end says a lot about how much she and the work you do together means to you.  I wonder if you've told her - or even admitted this to yourself?

I believe you have what it takes to make progress from here, PTC.  :)

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