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...I think I'm almost there, I can see the bright lights shining and pulling me towards them.

Different events and circumstances have brought potential opportunities and new directions. Some health issues faced by other family members have spurred me on to make my diet as organic as possible again, I don't know how this situation lies in the US, but in the UK it's expensive and the range of goods quite limited, which takes me into my kitchen more, researching more, on sourcing and investigative trips.

I've just restarted my final uni module in cognitive psychology - which is quite long and involved, but interesting, and more than that, I can see the glittering prize of graduating and the eligibility and opportunities that opens up, only 10 months down the road - so that is quite exciting.

I've also found a short art/painting course beginning in April that I'm considering taking, and new career opportunities are also starting to come forth too, but I still need to explore and make some decisions about. I also took the decision reschedule a vacation, that was stressing me out, for a more suitable time, which feels like a great weight lifted off my mind.

I've a few other things to attend to, but I'm getting there!

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