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Dear Tracy,

I inferred that clarification in your original post.  Still, I'm glad you clarified.  Using the word "guilty" created some ambiguity.

I wonder why you use that word when you are making a compassionate and professional decision based on your expertise and concern for everyone involved?

My thoughts are that our health care and punishment systems need a third alternative that falls between.  Yes, a child exhibiting dangerous tendencies the parents cannot manage needs something more than what the parents can offer. 

Yes, the child needs psychological treatment, but it's often not available because of the acting out.
Yes, the child and society needs protection from the acting out, but prison doesn't offer love, compassion and treatment.

Something else that offers the child a place to learn, study, use the talents he/she has to grow and contribute while in a protected 24/7 environment, i.e. protecting both the child and society.

I don't know that such an option exists.  Do you?

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