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Dear Shh and Jackie,

Yes to small tasks.  Sometimes just a few minutes of clearing is enough to make a difference and start building your way to a more clear life.

One small corner gets cleared.... and the result is that it's clear and you did it and know it.  That matters.  One pile gets smaller.  Every day the pile gets smaller, bit by bit. Those bits matter.

I remember going through and donating dishes I didn't use.  Then I donated serving pieces I didn't use. Then I realized I had too many dessert dishes.  Weeks later I realized that my "good dishes" represented a way of life I didn't live anymore.  So, with some wrenching of heart, I donated them.
After two days I didn't miss them at all.

And then, with all those dishes gone, over a period of months, I realized I didn't need the beautiful credenza that stored and displayed the dishes I no longer owned.  So I donated that.

My dining room became lighter, more spacious and lovely.  And I still have plenty of lovely dishes.
My "every day" dishes are lovely enough for entertaining and I like using quality items for me as an ordinary way of living.

Many little steps of clearing lead to a more spacious inner and outer environment that gives you more freedom and room to feel what you genuinely feel.  

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