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Dear Tracy,

Thank you for sharing this important information. I hope reading the article and sharing some of your experience helps you in your healing process.

Sometimes I think of those body memories of abuse as a kind of sweat where your body is sweating out the ugly pain as part of a psychic as well as physical cleansing.

When the sweat comes out on the surface of the skin we then take a shower to wash it away.  When the body memories come out we do what we can to get them off of us.  Talking to your therapist,
writing, talking to the memories, using your current imagery to remove the old imagery/memory are all methods for cleansing and getting those experiences up and out.

Brava to you for the fine work you are doing. Yes, you are fortunate to have a therapist who cares about you and understands this process.

Thank you again, thank you so much, for telling us about your experience. You are helping others as you pursue your own recovery.  

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