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OK, so I've got all my overwhelming shame feelings back in a nice box and tied up for when I see my therapist in 2 weeks (it's something she and I do so I can function between visits).  But I have a question:

If I can't "think" myself out of shame and it sounds like I need to experience love and respect to heal, then I'm basically planting good beliefs which should over-grow the bad beliefs....like planting grass to take over the moss in your lawn (you can tell I'm from Oregon!).  Is that correct?  And if that's correct, then my work this past week to "feel" shame and work through it, isn't what needs to happen? 

I was doing such a great job working on building my self-respect and loving my body and my life and stopped to get in touch with Shame, but really I could have been on the right track already? 

This shame thing is so confusing because it appears to be what my treatment center called our Core Beliefs.  And I heard that those don't really go away, but can become less noticable and turn into "little puffs of existance." 

I'm a do-er and fixer; this recovery thing has really pushed me out of my comfort zone!! Guess it's all part of the growth thing!   

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