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PTC  I'm sorry to read about your cat's death. There is never a good day to lose someone you love. I lost my cat after seventeen years with her. Our pets go through everything with us and still look forward to seeing us each day--that's true love. As for humans, some of them are not good for us.

Grief is full of powerful emotions. The only advice I can give you is to rest well. Make time for resting every day even when you don't feel tired.  Also, being a silent observer will help you too. I was very vocal and sometimes furious with people for their behavior in the deepest point of my grief after my son died. Furious to the point of rage. I can't get those moments back. I can't undo how uncomfortable they made me in my own body. I can't take back the hurt I caused others. I can't even sort out whether or not I was justified in my behavior. I think I was. But I might have handled it better, and if I did, I wouldn't have to question myself.

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