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Thank you, tracy.  The joy and healing accomplishment in your post sings and is brimming over with inspiration.  I'm so glad people looking for help on Amazon will find your words.  :)

Suggestion: I'd break up the lines with lots of paragraph spaces so it's easier for people to read, like a graph space every two lines.

Yes, those girls are beautiful and strong. We played Harry Potter, as always. It was quidditch practice. I was trying out for keeper. Potted flowers for parents. Colored Easter eggs for hours, every one an artistic creation, danced, watched Frozen (again), cuddled, read ""Babbity Rabbity and the Cackling Stump" loved up the dogs. 

During quidditch practice I threw a bright yellow tennis ball for my white terrier, Treya to fetch. She ran through the quidditch game as Seeker.  :)

Beautiful and strong all!  Thanks for saying so, tracy. 

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