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It's interesting that you posted about dog lessons when I've been noticing a lesson from my new dog. I got Dayzee early July and she is a rescue dog.  She is the sweetest thing ever, loves to cuddle and I'm told she cries when I leave.  I don't know what her past included, but she is afraid of so many things!  The toast popping, the click of locking the door, walking on man hole covers, things being out of place and any and all loud or sudden noise or movement.  I bought a book on how to help fearful dogs and I've been working hard on developing a trusting relationship with her.  I've gotten her past a few of her fears which has made our morning walks much easier and enjoyable. 

So I feel really good about how I'm doing with my dog relationship, however, once again, I've found a way to avoid working so hard on my relationship with people, especially my partner.  Two days ago while I kissing and saying hello to Dayzee after coming home from work, and my partner said she was jealous.  She said it with a laugh, but I don't think she was joking. 

I know I have the ability to give love: I do it in other relationships, but I struggle with the one that matters the most.  It's totally fear!  And each time I think I just need to move past the fear, something distracts me; many times my ED stuff. 

I don't mean to compare a relationship with a dog to a relationship with a partner, but the last couple days I thought I need to transfer the lessons and skills learned from loving Dayzee to my partner.  I've told myself this a thousand times, but I need to look fear in the eye and grow forward!!   

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