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Dear Tracy,

This is fabulous news.  I celebrate with you.  We all celebrate with you.  :)

You found the key in Healing Your Hungry Heart.  Surrender.  

When you surrender to the exercises and follow them as you are the rest of the book
makes more sense as a guide and support.

I love the way you summarize the points that help you with such good cheer.  

Favor?  Could you post your full comment, just the way it is, same title and all, as a review on Amazon.com?  I think it would be a great way for you to extend your celebration while 
giving up to people who dream of nine days and would be so inspired to hear of 90 days!

Congratulations, Tacy.  I'm so happy for you and happy for us who follow your recovery path.
Your efforts sustain us all.

One of the joys of recovery is discovering how much your recovery helps others to recover and to
stay on their path when it's hard.  You become a beacon of light.  :)

Thank you for sharing your progress with us.  

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