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you have that waiting room right, Joanna, except ours is on bleachers and beach chairs with no wall or window. I tend to be the mom who watches and talks casually to other moms. I purposefully do not sit on "those" bleachers where the competitive moms sit and compare and brag about their child's level and abilities. 

i am proud of her, don't get me wrong. I would question her if she wanted to quit, only to make sure she's just not "giving up" because something challenged her. Heck, life is full of challenges!!!

Joanna, I have grown and overcome so much in my ED in the past year. I am full force into recovery work and have not relapsed in months. I have a team of supportive recovering friends I talk to weekly.  being sick, I see how much my body can turn against me without me doing it on purpose. I am doing everything possible to keep my body as well and strong as it can be while I dump chemicals into it to eliminate bad cells that are filling my body with inflammation.

I look at my past knowing relapse is one bad thought away.  I want better for my kids and I am hypervigilent about how iI act and talk around them.

Thank you.  :)

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