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Thanks Joanna,

I still love gymnastics, and most likely it wouldv'e gotten me a college scholarship, but I'm guessing I would have burnt out from it by the time I got to high school.  I didn't want to be stuck doing 1 sport, and one sport only every day of my life.  Instead, I moved on and played three sports growing up.  One of which got me a college scholarship. :)  In college, I decided to try a new sport, lacrosse, in the spring season.  Well, I picked that up pretty quickly and became a two sport D-1 athlete.  That would not have happened if I was doing gymnastics.  And as you pointed out, I would have most likely ended up in the hospital due to a very bad ED.  Sometimes I wonder if that would have been better.  Then maybe I would have gotten more intense help sooner and wouldn't have an ED 21 years later.  I guess we'll never know.

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