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At an IWOSC (Independent Writers of Southern California) seminar on business writing  this morning I met an inspiring woman, Pamela Lane. She's a writer with a depth of knowledge about the human condition.  I liked her.

She asked about me, and of course I told her about my soon to be released book, Healing Your Hungry Heart.  She lit up when she heard

that it was about how a woman can help herself recovery from an eating disorder.  When I said that the eating disorder served a function and that a woman needs to develop in ways to care for herself so she no longer needs her eating disorder, Pam nodded and smiled.

She said, "This is the book 12-step sponsors need to share with their sponsees, whether it's about eating disorders or anything else."

I liked the idea of women gathering together, sharing their experiences of recovery as they do the recovery exercises in my book, and finding ways to heal their hungry hearts. :)

Thank you for inspiring me, Pam!



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