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Let's talk real food and real behavior.  What did you have for breakfast today?

Leave your answer in the comments.  We can build up a pile of menus, good, bad, mediocre, great, indifferent and see what we come up with. Looking at the reality of what we do helpS us make helpful adjustments.  And it could be of fun.  Recovery WORK doesn't always have to be serious.  Important yes, but laughter, surprise and sharing is part of the journey.

For breakfast this morning I had: a bowl of low fat yogurt mixed with sliced strawberries and blackberries, sprinkled with left over flax seed. I had one cup of caffeinated coffee with soy milk and stevia as a sweetener.  (I used the flax seed because I didn't want to waste it, even though I know it works on lowering cholesterol in men, but not women.)

What did you have for breakast this morning?  Check in to see what others have to say.

Yes, you can check in every day with a different real food breakfast report!





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