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creativity 2 boxesCreativity is a necessary life enhancing survival skill or art of innate ability.  Ted Brown, singer, songwriter and former addict, has a wonderful article on Addiction Blog titled, "7 Ways to Get Into a Creative State Without Drugs or Alcohol.

I've added one more point to  his list with several examples of how to make creativity happen and keep it alive. *pix credit

Reduce or stop doing anything or consuming anything or associating with anyone or anything that contributes to foggy brain.

That usually means

1.  Get eight hours of sleep routinely.

2.  Eliminate processed sugar and chemicals from your diet.

3.  Exercise moderately and regularly.

4.  Eat three meals a day moderately and regularly.

5.  Make your bed in the morning>
Yes. This lets your unconscious know that you've taken care of unfinished business and are
prepared to start anew. That lets your creativity come in with more energy.

6.   Do the dishes before you go to bed (see 5. above).

7.   Find something everyday that makes you laugh out loud.
Yes. Laughter is a signal that you've broken preconceived notions and experienced a new or creative approach. That opens you up for more creativity.

8.   Get out of negative and draining situations.
Notice and take care of yourself when you find that foggy brain sneaks into your skull if you are with
particular people or in particular groups or in particular surroundings.  When you feel "stupid" look around and identify what's in your environment. Give yourself a clear and clean space where your intelligence and creativity can roam.

And more..... thank goodness.

See TED talks about creativity.

What can you add that you've discovered to nurture and maintain your creativity?

*pix credit  An abstract picture vs. a smiling Knut with a base cap
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