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Response to Inside Look at Pro Eating Disorder Online World.  Please add your response in comments so we can support recovery.

I've just been in recovery for 3 months I followed my meal plan by the book.

then I couldn't handle my weight or how clothes didn't fit anymore so. I got into reading pro ana blogs etc.

The more I read them the more stupid I find them but still they keep me going. They are extremely bad thinspo and very triggering, so now I'm restricting again and reading one particular blog over and over again, even tho I want to tell her how stupid she sounds, the pathetic advice she gives,

she's 17 and I'm 35, she's had her ana for a year and a half, I've had mine since 14,

I've lost all my teeth and have to wear false ones, yet I find myself clinging to her advice, as all her other followers tend to worship her.

I'm angry with her for acting like she knows it all but she doesn't know what she's headed for.while in a hospital she was allowed a computer and kept her blog going throughout treatment.

love hate relationship for me.

I can hear how pathetic it sounds but am adamant to lose weight again, eventho I wasn't happy then either, I could still go out without shame about my weight.

Hope that helps xxx

Name omitted for privacy. Initial "H"

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