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yes_you_canFundamental to eating disorder recovery is the ability to say, "No." Saying, "No," draws a boundary.

On momeo.com I see an article by Carla Young, "Momentum Monday: Do You Find It Tough to Say “No”? Answers to Common Boundary Challenges.  She covers realistic boundary challenges that occur in the life of a professional person and how to deal with them. 

Read what Carla has to say and see how these challenges match up with your ability to set the boundaries you need for recovery and for your life.

Boundaries relate to your choices about:

  1. quantities and types of food you eat
  2. how you portion your time
  3. where you place your energy
  4. how you structure your day
  5. how much you do for yourself
  6. how much you do for others

In other words, the ability to say and honor your genuine, "No," allows you to live the life you choose. It gives you choice where you believeyou may have none.  It allows you to freely give your authentic, "Yes."

As you develop your ability to express your genuine, "No," on behalf of your physical, , mental, emotional and spiritual well being, you strengthen your eating disorder recovery.  You discover more healing and satisfaction in your life because you can give, to yourself and others, your genuine, "Yes."

Can you think of areas in your life where it's difficult or impossible for you to say, "No"?

Journal about them. Share them here.

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