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Enliven your journal writing and stimulate your creativity. This can lead you to new awareness and release courage you need for taking your next step in your recovery. 

photo: Powerful torrents can lead to deep serenity. 

Here are some quotes to guide you.


Choose one quote. Write it out on the top of your new journal page. Then allow your mind to wander with the quote. Write down images that pass through your mind.  Describe feelings you have in your body. Write down word snatches or conversations that occur to you.

Then write a letter to yourself sharing your experience and understanding about what is happening to you as you experience the quote.

Don't censor yourself and do allow yourself to be surprised.

"For in their hearts doth Nature stir them so,

Then people long on pilgrimage to go,

And palmers to be seeking foreign strands,

To distant shrines renowned in sundry lands.

-- Geoffrey Chaucer in The Canterbury Tales


"We thirst

at first."

-- Emily Dickinson


"If you stand, stand.

If you sit, sit.

But don't wobble!"

-- Zen Master Ummon


"Be ye lamps unto yourselves."

-- Gautama Buddha


"And it was then that in the depths of sleep

Someone breathed to me: 'You alone can do it,

Come immediately.'"

-- Jules Supervielle in "The Call."


"The truth knocks on the door and you say, "Go away.

I'm looking for the truth,"

and so it goes away.


-- Robert Pirsig


"Most people have that fantasy

of catching the train that

whistles in the night."

-- Willie Nelson


"Personal answers 

to ultimate questions.

That is what we seek."

-- Alexander Eliot


Let us know which quote you chose and what it helped you learn about yourself.



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