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Eating Disorder Recovery
Joanna Poppink, MFT
Eating Disorder Recovery Psychotherapist
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The Laughing  Lucky Buddha A stroke of Luck 413428647You focus on your recovery to stop pain and live a better life. Yet your personal recovery efforts mean much more than your own health and prosperity.

The people in and around your life will benefit from your health and ability to take positive action  and share your gifts in the world.

Yet there is more. Those of us who have or had an eating disorder are metaphors for the imbalanced consumption human beings demonstrate around the world. Our eating disorders and global consumption disorders affect every phase of our lives and every phase of life on this planet..See:  Humanity's consumption disorders 

Our eating disorder recovery work is similar to the tasks required by global humanity to move our planet into a healthy and sustainable state.

in your recovery work, you are not only saving your own life. You are creating a new way of life that makes you sustainable and can help support changes in human living that support the health of our planet.

In my sustainability studies I continually hear the call to "think big." This means:
  1. expand your vision 
  2. take on the really big jobs 
  3. don't be afraid to stretch your imagination
  4. work to keep up.
  5. save the world

Save the world is not too big a goal. And for us, we who have or had an eating disorder, saving our own world comes first.

Eating disorders destroy our bodies and our sensibilities. They leave us in a severely restricted life. We don't know what we are missing.

Yet, every step we take to live our lives in a healthy and sustainable way moves us toward a more rich and healthy life. Those steps become examples to others. They are a teaching gift to a world that needs the lessons we are learning in recovery.

In recovery work we expand our vision and our self worth. We stop seeing ourselves as weak, damaged and suffering people with dark secrets that can never be shared or understood.  We being to see ourselves and others on the recovery path as spiritual warriors leading even more people the the path of health and well being.

Recovery from an eating disorder requires that we:
  1. stand up for ourselves,
  2. make changes in our lives,
  3. reach out to new and positive resources for help,
  4. face our fears and our terrors and grow through them,
  5. learn new ways of living, discover our real values,
  6. and above all, build a quality life that we can be happy to live and share.

Meaning of Sustainability: 

"Sus" comes from Latin and means "stand up."
"Tenere" the source of "tain" comes from Latin and means "hold."

Isn't that the goal of recovery? To be able to stand up for yourself and hold your existence? 

Your recovery journey has tremendous value, starting with yourself and moving to the people you love and who love you. The value spreads to your community, your culture, your country and the world.

You can know this now, regardless of what stage of recovery you are in. You matter and every recovery step you take matters. I include the steps you might consider slips or falls. They are part of the journey.

So many people in recovery and after recovery ask me, "How can I help others?" People with eating disorders want to help others recover. They want their journey to mean something in this world.

You don't have to wait until you are recovered to bring valuable lessons of meaning and help to this troubled world. Your struggle and pathway to recovery is in itself the valuable teaching example the world needs.

So think big and bigger. Your recovery is about you, and it is about much more than you.

Questions for you:

How would you think differently about yourself if you knew that your personal recovery effort

  1. supports creating a world that is healthy and vibrant for you and everyone you love?
  2. is more far reaching than what you weigh or how you appear but is inspiring to others?
  3. including your slips, serve as a teaching example to bring peace and abundance to the world?
  4. helps restore a balance in nature and in human relationship with nature?
  5. could stop extinctions and support life in the seas, forests, mountains and deserts of this world?
  6. was influential in bringing social justice to women and children and men?
  7. including your bouts of despair, serve as a beacon for others to heal, find love and meaning.
  8. give you and others the ability to stand and hold in the best life possible.

Think big and bigger. And please know, your efforts to recover can save your life and the lives of countless others.

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