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Hope strategy based on pragmatic wisdom (Please read the article for wonderful details on the 15 principles.)

If you are working or struggling in recovery, please read this.

Change the story so that the opposing forces are your internal forces insisting that you maintain your unwanted behaviors and insisting that you are worthless. Then, look at the other forces, your internal forces that want health and recovery.

Especially look at your internal forces that are not engaged, are weak or dismissive or in denial. Then the strategies and support in this article can help you realign your internal world and move you toward the healthy revolution you need for a much better and healthier life.

Eating Disorder Recovery is an all out effort to disempower the negative and life destroying inner authority that continually brings you back to your eating disorder behaviors and beliefs.

Green Peace, fighting for health and life in this world, gives us this practical and hope based strategy for continuing and winning your struggle for recovery. (Please read the article for wonderful details on the 15 principles.)I doubt Green Peace made the connection between this strategy and eating disorder recovery, but it's what we all need to know. It remindss us to keep going in our efforts to make positive change and disempower our opposition, whether that opposition is external or internal.

Often, as you know, it is both.

Despair is Not a Strategy: 15 principles of hope  (Please read the article for wonderful details on the 15 principles.)

1. Hope can co-exist with other feelings

2. People have power no matter how certain, impossible, or predetermined a situation may seem.

3. There is a difference between our actions being worthless and our actions not accomplishing what we hoped they would

4. Success does not always correlate with approval.

5. We don’t need to persuade our most ardent opponents for change to happen

6. Change is rarely straightforward.

7. It’s always too soon to go home and too soon to calculate effect.

8. Small actions matter

9. We can change the world because we have, many times before.

10. Hope is a basis, not a substitute, for action.

11. If you embody what you aspire to then you have already succeeded

12. Total victory is not the goal

13. If you’re losing hope, do more before giving up.

14. Recognize and account for our mind’s Negativity Bias.

15. We stand on the shoulders of giants. 

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