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A filmmaker who takes time lapse photography of flowers has much wisdom to share about eating disorder recovery.  His film (9.56 min) is in this post.

"We protect what we love," says cinematographer, Louis Schwartzberg, in his wondrous TED presentation of candid talk and heart moving film. I agree. As we expand our gratitude we expand ourselves. We become more capable of gratitude and then more capable of love.

This gratitude/love wave builds in us and affects the world around us. It expands our courage as we cherish and protect what we love, and that includes ourselves. 


You can start with being grateful for every part of your body because every part of your body does a job that keeps you alive and functioning in this world. Genuine gratitude expands to love. That love can inspire you to cherish and protect yourself.  There's no room for an eating disorder when you are grateful and loving to the fact of you.

Enjoy the film, and please let me know what you are grateful for. Thanksgiving can be an every day holiday.


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