Recognizing a healing resource is part of achieving and sustaining recovery. More, it's part of celebrating and nourishing your life. Articles and discussions here guide you to the many forms a healing resource can take. This includes: animals, wilderness areas, recovery books, class experiences, affirmations, tips to help you tolerate and grow through strong emotional experience, workbooks exercises, private time, treatment programs and more.

Professional Boundaries with Eating Disorder Patients: considering right brain studies and work of Dr. Allan Schore

(elaborating on my comment in Eating Disorders for Professionals Blog)

Humanity Appreciation
Today, happily, we have evidence based scientific research to back up the use of our humanity in our clinical work with patients. Appropriate boundaries between patient and psychotherapist are essential in any psychotherapy and particularly in the field of eating disorders. However, the topic is often discussed in terms of content: e.g. a patient asks my age, if I'm married or divorced, if I have children, my religion, if I've ever had an eating disorder.

Compulsive Eating Disorder, J, Age 54, Where Are You?

Trying to find you You are a brave 54 year old woman suffering from compulsive eating. You wrote to me today for help. When I responded to your post, a firewall bounced my response to you back to me. I can't reach you. Perhaps we can find each other again via my blog. I will keep your identifying information removed from this post as I try to connect with you again.

P. S. Compulsive Eating Disorder, J, Age 54, Where Are You?

The personal blog post worked! The 54 year old woman seeking help for her compulsive eating wrote me from a different e-mail address. I was able to send her referrals for psychotherapists in her home town. My colleagues were fast and generous in responding with suggestions and helpful guidance.

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