Recognizing a healing resource is part of achieving and sustaining recovery. More, it's part of celebrating and nourishing your life. Articles and discussions here guide you to the many forms a healing resource can take. This includes: animals, wilderness areas, recovery books, class experiences, affirmations, tips to help you tolerate and grow through strong emotional experience, workbooks exercises, private time, treatment programs and more.

Encountering Thresholds in Our Lives

Child on a diving boardThreshold issues are a huge force in your life, whether you are aware of them or not.  The issue of threshold is around us every day, perhaps even every moment. Perhaps it's timely to look at it as we prepare to cross over from one year to another.  But raising our threshold consciousness is timely at any time.

*pix  This little girl is crossing a threshold.  She's crossed many. See below. 

New Thinking About Eating Disorder Recovery

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Hello Everyone,

I've just stepped a tiny toe into a new realm of thinking for me, and I invite you to see it unfold. I think we need a new map to find what we need on this site. Will you help?

Reconnaissance and Renascence

Limestone pavement - - 1471141Finding my way back to these pages is a challenge.  I want to be here with you. My intention is clear: to suppport recovery and the new more fulfilled life when recovery begins to be established. My intention and committment is the same as it ever was.

Yet, I've had so many experiences since my last post I discover I don't fit into the perspective I had before.  My vision changed, expanded, deepened. I've come through pain, medical crisis, relationship clarity, romance, adventure, change in body chemistry and creative inspiration.  I'm more alive than I have been in a long time and didn't even know this kind of life force energy was available to me.

The main guiding principle I've learned is this:

Withdraw from what shuts me down. Step into what opens me up. Stay aware so I have the choice.

* Pix info

If you do you may. If you don't you won't

Pinocchio paradox cropped for EDREven before you give up dieting, please give up promises that offer quick results with little or no effort.

Diets are just one in a plethora of "get rich quick" or "get benefits quick" ploys that take your money while making money for others. The key to surviving this onslaught is in your ability to recognize liars.

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