Recognizing a healing resource is part of achieving and sustaining recovery. More, it's part of celebrating and nourishing your life. Articles and discussions here guide you to the many forms a healing resource can take. This includes: animals, wilderness areas, recovery books, class experiences, affirmations, tips to help you tolerate and grow through strong emotional experience, workbooks exercises, private time, treatment programs and more.

Binge Eating? Help is on the way

The latest news in eating disorder recovery is Binge-Eating To Officially Be Named Mental Disorder.

This means that guilt can lift, treatment options will multiply and you need to learn more about the fundamental issues at play so you can make wise decisions. That's what this post is about.

Win a Free Advanced Copy of Healing Your Hungry Heart

Conari Press, my publisher, is offering free copies of my soon to be released book, Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder.  Go to the Conari Red Wheel Facebook page.  See the post:  

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Healing Your Hungry Heart Seminars - What Do You Think?

Writing Healing Your Hungry Heart could not leave me unchanged. Reviewing my own journey through bulimia to recovery, I hear in my mind the voices of women telling me their stories over the years. I see their faces.

Writing Healing Your Hungry Heart

Writing Healing Your Hungry Heart was an amazing journey for me.

For those of you who are not writers, please know that writing a book is not about sitting down and writing a book.  Some of it is, of course.  But much of is writing a few paragraphs and then questioning those words. 

Is that true?

Is that a fair statement?

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