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During my radio conversation with Janet Larson Melugin I realized the chapter on family in my book, Healing Your Hungry Heart, is helpful to mothers and fathers who are worried about their teen daughters who suffer from an eating disorder. The book helps the reader understand daughters vulnerable to developing eating disorders.

These questions occurred to me:

  • Mothers and Fathers, how can you help your daughter?
  • Teen daughter, how can your mother or father help you?
  • Adult daughter, how do you wish you mother or father could help in your eating disorder recovery?

    I wrote Healing Your Hungry Heart to give adult women way to help themselves heal from an eating disorder. I wanted them to understand their feelings and life experiences and to show them a step by step way to recovery. 

    In parenting, the most powerful effort parents can make for the well being of their children is to be as healthy and aware as possible themselves.

    Reading any chapter in Healing Your Hungry Heart could give a parent insight into the emotional challenges of living with an eating disorder. Parents could see the kind of compassionate and self caring exercises their daughter needs to practice for healing and freedom.

    If mother or father reads Healing Your Hungry Heart they might be able to encourage, support and even share some healing practices with their daughters in a way that builds more love and trust between them.  In this way their love and trust becomes a mighty force in progress toward recovery.

    Listen to the conversation with Janet and I.

    Please let me know your thoughts, comments and question.  I'll be glad to hear from you.

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