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This loaded question just came in.  I'm glad she asked. Many people may be asking the same thing.

I'll ask a question back.  Do you have or have you ever had an eating disorder?  Kre-Alk or Creatine may not be safe for you as the individual you are.

From what I see in the research, body building drugs are not safe for people who have a history of renal vulnerability.  General testing for safety may not fine tune results to exclude that population.

People with eating disorders develop renal vulnerabilities, often without knowing it.  And people with eating disorders are more tempted than the general population to push their bodies into a preferred shape.

So please, be careful.  Get some tests on your body to get a report on your general health and the state of your renal system.  Let your doctor have all the information available that relates to you and your body including your history of eating disorders.  Then ask your doctor if Kre-alk is safe for YOU to use.

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