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gift_surpriseEating disorder recovery is challenging to each person wanting recovery. It's also challenging for this eating disorder recovery psychotherapist. Today has been moving and confirming. It seems that when I begin to wonder if I'm making any headway in my work I get gifts. So do you.

Los Angeles Hong Kong Healing Bridge

Someone asked for help in getting eating disorder treatment in Hong Kong. Then a post arrived from a clinical psychologist in Hong Kong who specializes in treating eating disorders. She was thanking me for my work and asked for my list of in-patient programs. I could match her up with the caller. wow.

Reader Benefits from My Writing

Then a reader wrote several posts telling me how much my writing has helped her and that a story in my online workbook  described her childhood exactly. She said it was as if I had been an observer in the room seeing what was happening on the outside and also seeing her complex inner experience. She says that my writing has been essential in her recovery.

Former Patient Brings Health and Hope to Third World Country

And then, one more. A post came in from a former patient - so I can't give you details - how I wish I could. She has become internationally famous for her heroic work in third world countries saving countless lives while often putting her own life on the line. She tells me that she loves her life now that it's so full of meaning and that she is forever grateful to me for making this possible.


I'm glad for my studies in Buddhism and mindfulness practices. That helps give me images to hold these feelings. I'm grateful that people write to me, sharing their rich experiences. I'm in awe and reassured about my work and grateful to the healing life energy in the world and in me that can make what seems like miracles happen. Just when my skepticism about human nature was rising, I'm met with what makes human nature worthwhile and amazing. I think I'll sleep well tonight.

Eating Disorder Recovery Gift Reminder

When you are dedicated to your recovery, you do the day-by-day, step-by-step, sometimes second-by-second tasks that are essential for your healing and healthy growth.  You focus on where you need to rally your strength. You honor your heart and soul as you follow your recovery path.  

This can be a private and lonely business, even when you have a psychotherapist and support.  But, periodically and unexpectedly, you will receive surprise gifts that light up your day or your life.  A smile or an invitation comes your way.  An opportunity is offered. Some kind of new and positive recognition comes to you.

And best of all, you discover the surprise gifts you are giving yourself.  You feel and see yourself becoming more competent in the world.

You see the quality of your friends and associates improve. You see yourself handling situations that baffled you or left you frightened or in tears in the past.  You like yourself in an entirely new way.

A healthy you is the greatest gift you can give or receive!

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