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This post is an anything goes invitation about eating disorder problems or worries. Readers from all over the country and many different parts of the world write to me in response to specific topics I discuss on this blog.

They bring up personal questions about how an eating disorder affects their lives or the lives of people they love. They look for solutions to particular problems they face.

What are your questions?

I wonder about the questions you aren’t asking.

I wonder about worries and challenges you face in isolation. I wonder where you need support or need help in finding a place to begin to work with these challenges.

I also wonder, if I don’t create a post about your specific concern, will you wait to speak until I do? Of course you have plenty of recovery resources beside this blog. Still, overall, I wonder what areas of deep concern continue to plague individuals, families and friends that are not yet explored.

Secrets are blocks to getting help

Secrets play a big part in the experience of a person with an eating disorder. Revealing secrets feels like a risky business. Some challenges have a great deal to do with protecting secrets. Yet, one person’s secret is another person’s open situation. We can all help each other.

Invitation Details

I invite you who see this post, to write in either via the comment section below, and share what worries or challenges you. Certainly I can’t promise you answers to any and all questions. But I can promise you that I will think about your questions and offer what I can. Plus, your sharing via the comments may bring up solutions from people who have walked your path and found their way.

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