Calling Women to Help Women

helping_women_hands Crazy Colleen at wrote an article, Those Crazy Women: Eating Disorders. She shares important information that needs to fall like rain until everyone is saturated with the reality of eating disorders and the toll they take on millions of people. She concludes with a  a resounding call for women to help women. How will you answer her call?

CC describes the nature of eating disorders, the media situation that encourages impossible physical standards of acceptable body shape, talks about her own eating disorder and sounds out about the lethality of the illness.

Her last paragraph is a call to action.

It is up to us as women to support the health of each other and strive to remove the negative stigma against these conditions. If not, shame and guilt will override the help and more lives will be lost.

How can we respond to this call? Share your ideas, your plan of action.  How do you and will you support women’s health. How can you help create a social and emotional environment where the women you meet and know can speak freely of their eating disorder and seek help without fear of condemnation?

If you have an eating disorder you are aware of your vulnerabilities, your fears and your sense of shame.  You know about your bouts of despair. Think of what would help you.  Give that to yourself and others as best you can.

Let’s build a list of specific statements and actions we can each offer ourselves and the women in our lives to support and encourage health and emotional well being. Please contribute your ideas in the comment boxes.

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