When Private Becomes Public: Author's Challenge

Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder, comes out next month. It's designed for the adult woman. Here's one of four book trailers.

My Aha moment came when a Facebook friend wrote that she pre ordered the book after reading the preview pages. I didn't know they had been posted. When I looked I saw very personal material on the Internet. OMG. See for yourself.

I wrote this intimate book in private to a reader in my mind, an adult woman wanting recovery, not knowing how her eating disorder affected her entire life and not knowing how to develop her own personal path to recovery.

In my imagination I believed I was writing from a place of privacy in my life to a place of privacy in her life. Bang. It's on the Internet and very public.

I'll get used to it. I have to. Eating disorders may be widespread, but they are very personal. .I believe the hard work of recovery needs to be mixed with personal stories for information, warnings, inspiration and hope. So... aha, the personal becomes public.

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