Thanksgiving and How Gratitude Heals (includes film)


A filmmaker who takes time lapse photography of flowers has much wisdom to share about eating disorder recovery.  His film (9.56 min) is in this post.

"We protect what we love," says cinematographer, Louis Schwartzberg, in his wondrous TED presentation of candid talk and heart moving film. I agree. As we expand our gratitude we expand ourselves. We become more capable of gratitude and then more capable of love.

This gratitude/love wave builds in us and affects the world around us. It expands our courage as we cherish and protect what we love, and that includes ourselves. 


You can start with being grateful for every part of your body because every part of your body does a job that keeps you alive and functioning in this world. Genuine gratitude expands to love. That love can inspire you to cherish and protect yourself.  There's no room for an eating disorder when you are grateful and loving to the fact of you.

Enjoy the film, and please let me know what you are grateful for. Thanksgiving can be an every day holiday.



0 # I'm grateful for my family, friends, heaPTC 2011-11-19 05:16
I'm grateful for my family, friends, health, cats (and hopefully they'll be healthy. They go to the vet next month), my athletisism. I'll be grateful if I don't have to have hip surgery, but if I do...well, I'll deal with that later. I'm thankful that my body allows me to move as much as it does (minus the hip injury). I'm grateful for life. :-)
0 # I'm grateful for your presence on my webpinkjoanna 2011-11-19 14:15
I'm grateful for your presence on my website, PTC.

Today I realize I'm grateful for always have an opportunity to create something new.

I'm grateful for the details in my life that makes my life what it is, and I'm grateful for the new that can enter at any time if I allow it access to me.

I'm grateful for all my therapy and growth work that allows me to see where I can take responsibility to open yet again to more wonderful surprise.
0 # I'm grateful for my eating disorder. ItKymL 2011-11-19 17:23
I'm grateful for my eating disorder. It was my minds way of geting my attention and getting me the emotional help I needed.

I'm grateful to all the wonderful people (including you Joanna) who have helped me along the way to recovery.

I am grateful to my body for recoverying from the damage I did to it and for the wonderful things (like my dance class this morning) it allows me to experience.

And I'm grateful that I know I have reasons to be grateful! That wasn't always the case!
0 # I am grateful that I am me, and for allshh 2011-11-20 04:08
I am grateful that I am me, and for all the experiences in my life both good and bad that have contributed to who I am.

I am grateful for my friends & family, especially my children, and for my body that allowed me to grow and nurture them, and for the amazing experience of childbirth.

I am grateful for my michievous streak and my sense of humor that have no doubt got me through a lot of painful, difficult times.

And I am grateful for my therapist and you JP, and the other contributors here, for helping me to get to a point where I can be grateful for these things
0 # A[censored], thanks. Ha, because I offer suchPTC 2011-11-20 04:27
A[censored], thanks. Ha, because I offer such great words on here. LOL!
0 # Kym, yes! Isn't it wonderful how the bodpinkjoanna 2011-11-20 12:33
Kym, yes! Isn't it wonderful how the body forgives and responds to care? As I age I'm continually reminded that while I heal more slowly than when I was a child, I still heal, and that any exercise I do makes me stronger. I belong to a gym, but my best and most reliable exercise is still walking with my dog and romping with grandchildren. The more I do that the more I can do that, and we all benefit with strength and joy.

Yes, I'm grateful for every obstacle in my life journey. They've helped me develop the strength, skill and courage to move beyond into new ways of living.

Shh, ah, being mischievous and having a sense of humor can transform perspective, let in new energy and show new ways of being present when perhaps you might have thought you hit a wall. Brava.

PTC, you DO say great things. :-)

I'm grateful to know all of you.
0 # I am grateful for my therapist. She hastracy 2011-11-20 19:15
I am grateful for my therapist. She has been there for me for many, many years. I am grateful for the recovery she led me through some years ago. I am grateful she is here to do it all over again, without judging me or giving up on me. I am grateful that I can trust her completely. I am grateful for this website and for Joanna's ability to connect with me in a way only a person in recovery can. I am grateful for the hope she offers all of us. Joanna I am so grateful for how you share your story. I am grateful for my kids, as some days they are my only reason to continue trying to recover. I am grateful for my best friend who knows everything about me. I am grateful for the stories shared on this site, as they do not glorify eating disorders, compete or otherwise encourage me to stay sick. Happy Thanksgving everyone!
0 # I'm grateful for your courage and tenacipinkjoanna 2011-11-20 19:54
I'm grateful for your courage and tenacity in staying with your recovery work, Tracy.

I'm grateful for the love you bring to the world through the existence of your children.

I'm so very grateful that your children receive love and care despite your eating disorder.

I'm grateful to your presence on my site.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.
0 # What an amazing video. Thank you so muchAnne-Sophie 2011-11-25 03:07
What an amazing video. Thank you so much for sharing this.

I am grateful for being in recovery. I am grateful for everything I have learned about myself since I started letting go off my ED. I am grateful for my husband who has always supported and loved me and I am grateful for LIFE.
I am grateful for wonderful people like you, Joanna, who are doing such important work.
0 # Happy Thanksgiving, Anne-Sophie. Yes, thpinkjoanna 2011-11-25 10:58
Happy Thanksgiving, Anne-Sophie. Yes, this video is worth watching a few times. Fantastic. I'm so glad I learned about it and could share it.

I had two Thanksgiving events, yesterday - one with friends and family and children and the other with adult friends. Both great. Both included people I hadn't met before.

So I have a new thank for Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful that at any time and at any age I am capable of meeting and making friends with new wonderful people.

And I'm thankful for meeting you and having your recovery presence on my site.

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