Thank you, Chenese Lewis and BEDA


Congratulations and thank you to Chevese Lewis for helping to bring natural and healthy body acceptance back into the perceptions of women. 

A woman's body is a miracle of creation, adapting and changing over the years to allow her woman to live fully in all the phases of her life, including chidlbirth, child rearing and later, menopause so she is free to dedicate herself to other creative endeavors.  A woman can choose a variety of ways to live because her body will adapt and change. Chevese and the newly formed Binge Eating Disorder Association supports and encourages women to live a healthy life and to accept the natural size and shape that goes with health.

Personally, I believe the most beautiful people on this earth, male and female, are people who are healthy and happy.

Chenese Lewis is a positive body image and self esteem advocate who made history by being the first woman crowned Miss Plus America in 2003. She is the current president of the Hollywood chapter of the National Organization for Women and creator of Hollywood NOW.

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