Here you will find articles that address various emotional, physical, behavioral and spiritual symptoms that are often part of the eating disorder experience.


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More About Sleep

An EDR reader wrote that in her anorexic phase she is afraid to sleep because in sleep she won't burn off enough calories.  In her bulimic phase she eats to pass out.  In other words, she never gets normal good, deep, restorative rest.

The sleep and sleep deprivation issue are important to explore and understand in working toward eating disorder recovery.
In the reader's post she describes how her anorexic and bulimic phases bring up different psychological motivations and behaviors.

Sexual Exploitation of Adult Women with Eating Disorders

Sexual Exploitation of Adult Women with Eating Disorders
Sexual Exploitation and Vulnerable Women's Fantasies

Often in my practice a new patient comes in with a distorted perception of the sexual exploitation in her life. She may have a stalker. She may have a boyfriend or husband who manipulates and uses her sexually. Sometimes she knows it and is afraid. Sometimes she knows it and feels ashamed she can't live up to his expectations.

Full Bulimia Episode Story in 3 parts: Caution could be Triggering Part 1


Days One through Seven of a Ten Day Bulimia Episode

This story is my attempt to bring understanding to this painful, desperate and all too common experience in the life of a bulimic woman. It could be triggering.  I wrote this because articulating the extent of a bulimic episode in detail can help a woman know she can be understood and accepted. If she can feel known in her darkest hours she may experience a new sense of hope and reach for her recovery

Bulimia before recovery work:    Trigger: Your roommate goes out of town for a week.

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