Here you will find articles that address various emotional, physical, behavioral and spiritual symptoms that are often part of the eating disorder experience.


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Addiction to Sleep Deprivation

sleeping children 1024px-Auf dem Ofen 1895
Sleepless in America Trailer 

You've probably heard me, read me ranting, cajoling, discussing, pleading, begging, joking and lecturing on the importance of getting adequate sleep, like eight hours a night on a regular basis. I'm thrilled to see this film come to the air waves. Please watch it.


Human Touch and Your Recovery


Father embracing family

"We need four hugs a day for survival.  We need eight hugs a day for maintenance.  We need twelve hugs a day for growth."  Virginia Satir

Are you eating or exercising too much out of touch deprivation? Think about it.  Loneliness and sense of isolation exists when you suffer from an eating disorder.  Bingeing on food or obsessing on being as small as possible by not eating are ways of addressing a deprivation.  Could one of your deprivations be touch?        *photo

Drop Your Veil and Let Your Light Shine

400px-The Veiled Lady - Alexander Roslin

"Don’t let someone dim your light, simply because it’s shining in their eyes."  
*quote source below

Drop your veil, and let your light shine.

More About Dread: Signals

The Emotion Thesaurus: a writer's guide to character expression, arrived in my mailbox today. I unwrapped the package over my desk. The book fell out and opened to the Dread page.  Mmm. We've been talking about this emotion since I published a Dread article on this blog.  

So, I thought it might be helpful for you to discover see how some of these dread descriptions might relate to you.  

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