Here you will find articles that address various emotional, physical, behavioral and spiritual symptoms that are often part of the eating disorder experience.


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Eating Disorder Behavior Can Be a Form of Panic Attack

panic attack stock vector surprised omg shocked woman 389722981An OMG experience gives you more information about what's happening to you than the numbness an eating disorder provides.

 "The Panic Attack Symptoms Nobody Talks About" by Rachel Gearinger is a short, well written and candid article that may have powerful significance if you have or had an eating disorder.

Eating disorders can create a psychological numbness that dulls your senses and, for a short time, relieves stress. But you don't feel relief.  You feel nothing.

Eating Disorder Relapse or Recovery Opportunity?

clouds storm
                                       Light and clarity are near. Hold on. Storms pass.

A slew of questions came in this week about relapse. Women write that they fear they are relapsing, are weak, are worthless and are doomed to failure.  They do not recognize recovery in action.

If you are feeling eating disorder storms, please respond with recovery thinking.

Full Bulimia Episode Story in 5 parts: Caution could be Triggering Part 4

This story is my attempt to bring understanding to this painful, desperate and all too common experience in the life of a bulimic woman. It could be triggering.  But I wrote this because articulating the extent of a bulimic episode in detail can help a woman know she can be understood and accepted. If she can feel known in her darkest hours she may experience a new sense of hope and reach for her recover.


Aftermath of Sexual Encounter

Slippery Slope: Stay in eating disorder recovery

slipperyDo you recognize the two main influences that propel you to the slippery slope that undermines your eating disorder recovery?

1.   Anyone who supports your symptoms rather than your recovery. Be wary and alert when someone enourages you to starve or invites you to join them in a binge.

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