Here you will find articles that address various emotional, physical, behavioral and spiritual symptoms that are often part of the eating disorder experience.


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Eating Disorder Body Fantasy and Path to Recovery

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*pix Romantic, colorful, joyous uplifting sight - balloons rising into a beautiful sky. This is pleasure, even elation, in the moment.  But, living to keep an ephemeral bit of lovliness as a permanent state of being can be disastrous. Can you enjoy a moment and stay in the reality of cause and effect?


Balloons pop.  Balloons deflate. Their pieces fall to the ground or lodge in trees and bushes. Colors fade. The physicality of the balloon is fragile. The balloon is designed for a short life span and then succumbs to the forces of nature and collapses.

Your body is not a balloon. It can be strong, healthy and survive many harsh experiences. It can be lovely, uplifting and provide you with joy - the joy and exuberance of health. 

Weight Loss Surgery and Eating Disorders

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Mirror Mirror is running an excellent factual article describing weight loss surgery: Weight Loss Surgery and Eating Disorders.

In my experience as an eating disorder recovery psychotherapist I've seen tragic outcomes from weight loss surgery. Yes, I grant that it's possible, for a person without an eating disorder, to reap medical benefits from the surgery. Weight loss does occur and can be helpful in health management.

Anxiety, Binge Eating, Intimacy Issues: The Fire Alarm Is Not the Fire

Anxiety, Binge Eating, Intimacy Issues: The Fire Alarm Is Not the Fire                       The alarm is not the fire.

Symptoms such as binge eating, anxiety issues and eating disorder behaviors are alarms.

Stopping the anxiety or binge eating alarm without addressing what’s causing the alarm to sound off accomplishes little or nothing. It also can be dangerous because the metaphoric fire continues to burn and may increase in ferocity.

When a fire alarm goes off the problem is not the sound of the alarm.  The problem is the fire. The deeper problem is the cause of the fire.

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