Self help activities support your recovery and help you expand your awareness, develop life skills, develop self acceptance and self appreciation, develop new relationships and equip you to live a life with more competence and joy. Here you will find articles that show you many ways of providing yourself with self help exercises and activities to enrich your life and articles that help you understand your own thinking and emotional process. Topics include: friendships, self-esteem, dreams, binges, relapse, yoga, secrets, check lists, writing, dream journals, gardening, education and career opportunities and more.

Check List for Staying in Eating Disorder Recovery

Once you start your path to eating disorder recovery, how can you keep going?  What happens when your good intentions begin to slip away? How can you bring them back?

Eating disorder recovery, or recovery from disordered eating whatever form that takes, is not about finding and sticking to a diet.  But the pattern of failure can be familiar as you lose momentum in your recovery work. To stay on your healing path you need

Increase the the Recovery Value of Your Journal

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Eating disorder recovery advances more quickly if you combine journal writing with your psychotherapy.  You can gain even more value from your journal by using an "unpacking" technique.

Recovery Value of Your Journal

Writing what you feel and think as well as your daily activities gives you more stability in emotionally turbulent times. 

It also helps you discover some hidden underlying causes and themes to your bulimia, anorexia, binge eating or compulsive eating.

You gain value, insight and sometimes vital revelations when you read your journal entries two months after you've written them. The time lapse gives you enough time and distance to understand and see through your words to a deeper personal meaning than you could at the time you originally wrote.  You can make connections that you couldn't see before.

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