Self help activities support your recovery and help you expand your awareness, develop life skills, develop self acceptance and self appreciation, develop new relationships and equip you to live a life with more competence and joy. Here you will find articles that show you many ways of providing yourself with self help exercises and activities to enrich your life and articles that help you understand your own thinking and emotional process. Topics include: friendships, self-esteem, dreams, binges, relapse, yoga, secrets, check lists, writing, dream journals, gardening, education and career opportunities and more.

Book Progress: Boundaries and Secrets


More now on my copy editing saga for Healing Your Hungry Heart, my self help eating disorder recovery book.  Now I'm working on the edits for the chapter on secrets.

Every page is a challenge! As I get into the comments from my brilliant editor I discover that I've been holding back in my writing because of my conditioning as a psychotherapist.  Good grief.  I'm writing about how, when you have an eating disorder, you accumulate the terrible burden of secrets. Moreover, I'm writing about how those secrets reinforce fear and shame that underlie an eating disorder.

Joanna's Eating Disorder Recovery Book: progress and sleep deprivation clarity

HHH_These days I am copy editing, Healing Your Hungry Heart, my self help eating disorder recovery book. This is a fun, challenging and arduous process.

My publisher, Conari Press, sent me the manuscript last week with the copy edits marked.  Now I'm well into the editing and writing process. 

I'm working on the boundary chapter now, and I have to tend my own boundaries. I need to get this job done and still get adequate sleep time. At the same time I'm looking at how sleep deprivation impacts you when you have an eating disorder.

Positive Activities During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (or Anytime!)

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  2. Sign the National Eating Disorders Association’s Declaration of Independence from a Weight- Obsessed World to free yourself from the three D’s: Dieting, Drive for Thinness, and Body Dissatisfaction.
  3. Celebrate Fearless Friday - A Day Without Dieting - and feel how empowering a diet-free day of self-acceptance can be! 
  4. Attend a workshop, presentation, lecture, or meeting in your community that will help you feel better about yourself. See the National Eating Disorders Association’s website, your local newspaper or campus calendar for events. 

Freeing yourself of self hate





If you have an eating disorder you criticisze and punish yourself.  Your harsh self talk is relentless.

Bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and EDNOS all share this identity debilitating symptom.

Clearing yourself of self hate is fundamental to rcovery,.

Please know there is healing power in love, patient, and kindness.



By recognizing the voices of self-hate

that take over our lives,

we can see the causes of suffering,

and by bringing that suffering into the light

of our inherent kindness and wisdom,

we are freed from it.-

                                      -Cheri Huber

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