Self help activities support your recovery and help you expand your awareness, develop life skills, develop self acceptance and self appreciation, develop new relationships and equip you to live a life with more competence and joy. Here you will find articles that show you many ways of providing yourself with self help exercises and activities to enrich your life and articles that help you understand your own thinking and emotional process. Topics include: friendships, self-esteem, dreams, binges, relapse, yoga, secrets, check lists, writing, dream journals, gardening, education and career opportunities and more.

Commitment to Reality: I'm not immune to the challenge

dbf_d_reduced Here I am at the Decatur Book Festival .  I didn't know that  speaking and book signing would have such an impact on my equilibrium and sense of purpose.

A woman recently wrote that the concept of committing to reality, which I write about in Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder, came as a revelation to her. 

7 Reasons for Psychotherapist’s Personal Eating Disorder Revelations in Healing Your Hungry Heart

Personal disclosure by a psychotherapist is a controversial issue. I thought deeply about revealing my personal history as I wrote Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder.

The major guidance and influence came from the words of wisdom from my great and much loved mentor, psychoanalyst Lars Lofgren, M.D.  He said,

“Revealing aspects of your life and struggles can place a burden on your patient.  Reveal personal information only if it serves your patient and benefits them in their healing.”

Swim for Your Soul, Stride with Power

What do you reach for when you are bewildered, sad, weary, feeling alone, not sure about your direction or feeling weak? What are your standbys that take care of you and bring you sturdiness or clarity or energy to stride into your life? Do you have recovery standbys?

I have several fall back proven winners.   They are meditation or mindfulness exercises, journal writing, books, healthy meals [protein, vegetables, fruit, water, grains], adequate rest, walking my dog, dancing and.....swimming.

Tips on drawing boundaries in eating disorder recovery

yes_you_canFundamental to eating disorder recovery is the ability to say, "No." Saying, "No," draws a boundary.

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