Self help activities support your recovery and help you expand your awareness, develop life skills, develop self acceptance and self appreciation, develop new relationships and equip you to live a life with more competence and joy. Here you will find articles that show you many ways of providing yourself with self help exercises and activities to enrich your life and articles that help you understand your own thinking and emotional process. Topics include: friendships, self-esteem, dreams, binges, relapse, yoga, secrets, check lists, writing, dream journals, gardening, education and career opportunities and more.

More about your body being your friend

mauve six petalsThe comments to the previous article: "Your body is your friend who's there for you 100% of the time," spawned a fascinating and moving conversation in the comments.  Thank you for your candor. I so appreciate your honesty and courage.  pix*

Your body is your friend who's there for you 100% of the time.


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What if you really don't know where you are? *pix

Eating disorders block emotions and create distorted thinking. If you read recovery books, are in therapy or go to support groups or 12-step meetings you've heard this.

But what does this actually mean in your experience? You can't feel what you don't feel. You can't think clearly and realistically if your thinking is distorted.

How to lower your stress and improve the quality of your life

“A 'No' uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.“

- Mahatma Gandhi


Shallow scene of immense clarity - another scene 6165873687Everything essential is in its optimal place for the sustainability of all. We need this kind of clarity too.  JP)    *pix

Acting out an eating disorderis an attempt to cope with anxiety, grief, anger, loneliness and even happiness.  A certain level of stress created by external events or inner psychological habits becomes intolerable.  To binge or restrict is a way to gain control and feel powerful instead of feeling overwhelmed. emotions.                

Inspiring Quotes for Journal Prompts

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Enliven your journal writing and stimulate your creativity. This can lead you to new awareness and release courage you need for taking your next step in your recovery. 

photo: Powerful torrents can lead to deep serenity. 

Here are some quotes to guide you.

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