Self help activities support your recovery and help you expand your awareness, develop life skills, develop self acceptance and self appreciation, develop new relationships and equip you to live a life with more competence and joy. Here you will find articles that show you many ways of providing yourself with self help exercises and activities to enrich your life and articles that help you understand your own thinking and emotional process. Topics include: friendships, self-esteem, dreams, binges, relapse, yoga, secrets, check lists, writing, dream journals, gardening, education and career opportunities and more.

Lots More on Building Your Self-Esteem

Paul_Salvator_Goldengruen3B_Der_Maler-FC3BCrst Self-esteem is the bedrock from which you see the world, feel your responses, make decisions and take action. Here are 13 more tips to building your self-esteem.

More Self-Esteem Builders! (by popular demand)

542px-Antonia_Gerstacker_Survivor2009Self-esteem rallies your courage and internal resources to see you through life challenges. Eating disorder recovery is one of the many tough challenges that will confront you in your lifetime.

Each challenge, successfully negotiated, gives your more strength and wisdom for the inevitable next.

Here are 13 more self-esteem builders so you can equip yourself. Surprise.  Many are fun! 

Build Self-Esteem: 13 tips

Vom_Winde_verweht2C_Margret_Hofheinz-DC3B6ring2C_C396l2C_19752C_WVC2B7Nr.588429Here are thirteen (thirteen being a break the mold number) activities to help you build your self-esteem.

When we value ourselves we treat ourselves well. We respect ourselves and our needs. We expect respect from others.

Eating Disorder Recovery Tips for Everyone Concerned

Here is the handout I gave part of the all day NAMI The National Alliance on Mental Illness conference in Los Angeles where I presented a workshop to women with eating disorders and to people who want to help a person with an eating disorder recover. 

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