Psychotherapy and eating disorder recovery work take many forms. In this extensive grouping you'll find articles, links and discussions that include stories of individuals working through their healing process and descriptions of different treatment approaches.  Issues include trust, bingeing, starving, sexuality, fear, anxiety, triumphs, abuse, shame, dream work, journal keeping and more. Discussions regarding insurance and finances are here as well.  Reading these articles and participating in discussions will give you deep and varied windows into eating disorder recovery treatment.

How to Answer "What's new" Question While in Recovery

clock wave lines pixabay                                                                                      waves, currents and time*

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." -Albert Camus

Camus addresses the bewildering question of "What's new" when you are deep in the throes of eating disorder recovery work. Have you been stymied by this question?

Eating Disorder Recovery Call: End procrastination and save your life

woman phone              Make the call to honor and save your life.

Will you keep waiting for tomorrow to begin your recovery? Tomorrow never comes.

Procrastination is a powerful part of living with an eating disorder. You postpone taking recovery action. When you put positive activities off you are saying that you'll create a new life for yourself in the future. You plan in your mind, as if you can have two lives, this one and the one you'll create when you finish procrastinating.

Candid interview with Joanna Poppink, MFT, eating disorder recovery psychotherapist

joannaThis profile of Joanna Poppink was published as part of Revlon’s “Love is On” 2016 Million Dollar Challenge, which highlighted inspiring change makers around the world and raised money for select charities. written by Jonah Weiss

You can describe Joanna Poppink in different ways — therapist, author, naturalist, essayist — but they’re all aspects of the same holistic project of her life’s work: helping women understand and overcome eating disorders.

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